Tuesday, February 07, 2006



1.)Past performance is not an indication for the future performance. Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future. Clients are not being offered guaranteed returns of Rs. 4 Lakh per month. This scheme may not be suited to all categories of investors.

2.) Trading in derivatives/nifty futures and options is subject to market risk. There is no guarantee of any specific returns or safety of principal. There is a risk of loss in derivatives trading.

3.) We are not legally or financially liable for any loss that may occur to the client in any way whatsoever.

4.) We are not responsible for delay in communication due to breakdown of communication network like telephone, SMS etc.

5.) This document is only an advertisement for information purpose and is not a proposal/offer/ prospectus announcement. The set of terms and conditions stated as above are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to make any amendment at any time in any of the terms and conditions at my sole discretion without bringing it to the notice of anyone.

6.) We may rely on advice obtained from any bankers, brokers, newsletters,magazines,professional agents,technical analysts and fundamental analysts located anywhere in and outside India. We shall neither be bound to supervise the acting of such persons nor to verify the advice or information obtained there from.

7.)Money-back guarantee during trial is limited to Rs. 8,000 only. In this offer our maximum liability legally, financially or otherwise is limited to an amount of Rs.8,000 only.

8.)All charges/fees once paid to us are non-refundable, except Rs. 8,000 levied during trial offer.

9.)50% of the net profit once paid to us will be non-refundable. Loss will not be deducted or adjusted from the profit share amount that is once paid to us.

Use of our services by anyone automatically implies that he/she has carefully read this disclaimer statement and agrees to all the terms and conditions stated in Disclaimer.